General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery is one of the surgical services department comprises of four units and these are General surgery, Urology, Orthopaedic, Theatre,  Anesthesia and ICU. The Department is located in the surgical building.

For administrative purpose, the department is divided into three main sections; ward (Surgical 2, 3 and 4), Out Patient clinic and theatre.

Main activities is to provide quality patients care, perform surgeries teaching and research

Most common elective general surgeries performed includes; Biliary Surgeries, surgeries for gastric and colon malignancies, Mastectomies, Thyroidectomies, Skin grafting, surgeries for colon and anal canal.

Urological elective surgeries performed both open and endoscopic includes Posterior ureltral valve, Hypospadias, Epispadias, Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty, pyelolithotomy, Nephrolithotomy, Urethra stricture, Prostate Surgeries, penile surgeries, Urinary tractstones, Testicular/scrorl surgeries.

Most common emergence case includes craniotomies/Burr hole, Laparatomies for peritonitis intestiral obstruction, abdominal tramma, Renal injury, urinary bladder injury, urinary retention, surgeries for Fournier’s gangrene penile fracture and amputations for diabetie foot

Staff Profile:

The department has two general surgeons, one Urologist, one registrar, one nurse officer, fifteen assistant nursing officers, five enrolled nurses, and three nurse attendants.


  1. Patients care – One of important activity of department is to provide quality patients care at a specialist level both in and out patients
  2. In patient activity - Every day the ward rounds are been conducted from 9.00AM to 12.30PM. However Wednesday is for major ward. Elective surgeries are done on Tuesday and Thursday. Emergency Surgeries are conducted as soon as the patient arrived at the hospital
  3. Outpatient clinics – General surgery (Monday and Friday), Urology (Wednesday)